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Some people allege that drug companies supply doctors with misleading information about opioids. They try to convince doctors to prescribe as many painkillers as possible, and this issue is not helping the drug crisis. Although many doctors have learned the truth and stopped overprescribing opioids, they have already done the damage, and some patients feel as though they have no way to regain control of their lives. Another allegation is that drug companies make exaggerated claims in their marketing material. Advertisers now know that most consumers are savvier than ever and prefer to research before making a buying decision. These consumers will lookup information on the drugs doctors want to prescribe so that they can move forward without fear. To get even more people to take their pills, some drug companies make exaggerated or false claims to get the attention of consumers. If you have ever seen a commercial for opioid painkillers, you have an idea of why people are suing for false advertising and similar violations. Not only do lawsuits allege that drug companies exaggerate the benefits of opioid painkillers, but they also claim the drug companies downplay the possible side effects a person could experience. If you have read marketing material related to one of the top painkillers, you have probably seen statements that the risk of experiencing side effects and addiction is low. The truth, though, is that most people would have never used these prescription drugs if they had known what it would do to them in the coming weeks and months. Even though different lawsuits have different allegations, they all have one thing in common. They claim the drug companies mislead doctors and patients for financial gain because they know people will get addicted and keep coming back for more. Also, drug companies are always looking for variations of their medications so that they can create a new pill as soon as a previous medication's patent expires. From the surface, it seems as if the drug companies want to increase their profit no matter the cost to the public, and many people have already paid the price with their lives. Rather than accepting one side over the other as being right, review the facts and make an educated decision. Some sources estimate Aetna rehabs for Heroin Addiction that 75 percent of heroin users took their first opioid by getting a legal prescription for the drug. With evidence pointing out the dangers of using opioid painkillers, it's hard for the drug companies Crack Cocaine to claim they had no involvement in the heroin crisis.

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when marijuana legal in nevada